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Yoga, Chakras & Meditation

Yoga & Essential Oils

My teaching practice began about 15 years ago and I have been using doTERRA essential oils in my classes for the past 3 years.  Students love having the oils as part of their practice and I think that some may have started coming along just for the oils!!

I love to use oils that support the class theme on both physical and emotional levels and wouldn't teach a class without them now!


I only use doTERRA essential oils as I can be sure of their purity for use with my students and for diffusing into the yoga studio. 

Yoga Equipment

Why Use Essential Oils For Yoga & Meditation?

  • Enhance your practice

  • Emotional and physical benefits

  • Energise and invigorate the senses

  • Enhance emotional support

  • Mind and body connection

Oil Tips To Include In Your Practice

Here are some tips on oils to include in your practice:

  • Apply InTune® at the beginning of class to help set your focus.

  • Rub a drop of doTERRA Breathe® on your chest.

  • For a more invigorating practice, diffuse Wild Orange and Peppermint.

  • Diffuse doTERRA Serenity® for a more calming practice.

  • Apply a drop of Frankincense or Sandalwood to your temples during meditation to help you relax and reduce stress.

  • Apply doTERRA Balance® to the back of your neck during Savasana to help with relaxation.

  • Clean your mat at the end of class with a yoga mat spray made from essential oils, to disinfect your mat naturally and effectively.

doTERRA's Yoga Collection

doTERRA's Yoga Oil Collection is an exclusive trio of CPTG® essential oil blends designed by doTERRA for the yogi in you. Anchor, Align, and Arise are the perfect blends to enhance your life and yoga practice. These blends provide aromas to steady, centre, and enlighten your spirit through every breath while strengthening and stretching your body.

I would love to help you to get started with doTERRA oils and introduce them into your yoga class, meditation or home practice!

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