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Barefoot Walking - Why we should all be doing this!

Grounding, also known as earthing, refers to direct contact with the earth’s surface.

Did you know that our body makes its own electricity by way of atoms and neutrons that are floating around inside our bodies. However, modern technology that surrounds us on a daily basis can throw that electricity off.

Reconnecting to the earth can help to bring our bodies back into a balanced, neutral state. But how, I hear you say?! Well, when we make contact with the earth, negative ions from the earth’s surface make their way into our body, releasing any free radicals that we have accumulated from everything around us in daily life. Free radicals that are linked to inflammation, premature ageing, and disease. Nature can literally help to protect us from these free radicals.

You may be thinking that we all live on the Earth so surely we are in contact with the Earth’s surface every day? Well, yes, we are, but although we live on the Earth we don’t necessarily touch the Earth anymore. Our ancestors would walk barefoot, sleep directly on the ground, we, most of the time, are insulated from the Earth by wearing shoes that are synthetic and therefore non conductive, sleep in beds that are elevated from the ground, work in high rise offices, and have therefore become disconnected from the Earth and its healing powers.

The simplest way to ground is to slip off your socks and shoes and take a stroll outside, preferably in your own garden where you know that the ground is safe to walk upon barefoot. Try walking in grass that is still wet from the morning dew or at the beach close to the water's edge.

There is constant research being carried out on the many health benefits of grounding. In fact, you can also buy grounding sheets to put onto your mattress to gain the effects of grounding whilst you are sleeping as it is said that grounding can assist with improved sleep.

When you are awake and grounding it is thought to help reduce inflammation in the body which may have been caused by injury or strenuous exercise. Other benefits can include improved mood, faster immune responses, these are just a few of the benefits associated with grounding.

I also love to use doTERRA Balance oil after I have been barefoot walking, a drop on the sole of each foot. doTERRA Balance is a beautiful blend of oils that have been used for thousands of years to ground and balance emotions with a fresh and woody aroma. I even wear this as a perfume some days to help create a sense of calm for the day ahead!

If you would like to learn more about this fascinating subject, I recommend the following books:


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